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13th-May-2015 03:22 pm - His Last Bow
Heads up, Dr Who fans - You know how Roger Delgado was killed in a car crash “while filming a movie in Turkey, called the Bell Of Tibet”? Well, actually, it wasn’t a movie. He was guest starring in an episode of a French TV series by that name, *and* he’d actually finished shooting. And here it is - Delgado’s last performance.

12th-May-2015 03:24 pm - Recreational reading reboot
The last novel I did read, a few months ago, was the first Murdoch Mysteries book by Maureen Jennings. It wasn't bad - surprisingly gritty, and I liked the historical detail. A bit weird compared to the series, but if I can take both the book and movie Bonds, then I can take both the book and TV Murdochs...

I also read a Birds Of Prey collection, which wasn't bad - I forget the volume title, but Gail Simone wrote it and it was fun.

Then last week I zipped through Al Murray's Let's Re-Great Britain, which was funny, but doesn't really count, as it was more a "dip in while on the bog" sort of thing.

Not sure what to start next.
12th-May-2015 02:09 pm - I have to find me
There's some truth to that accusation of being unreliable and untrustworthy. I never used to be, always had a reputation for reliability, bot professionally and personally - ask any editor still waiting on a late manuscript from me. What happened?

Professionally's the easy one: Had an agent, he didn't do any actual represantation of me, killed my career, then what I got it back I way overcommitted. When the contract famine ends, you feast on too much, which you'd get away with if not for the external factors that mess you up.

Personally, the last two years... bereavement, betrayal, family issues Lesley​ being... traumatised is the word, by an incident at work in late 2013), more family illness and being a carer, rounded off with bereavement again. All with, as I'm sure you've noticed, a side order of guilt It's been pretty stressful. And of course that also affects the professional commitments too.

Feels a bit weird now that the main thread of it is rounded off too. But at least they are rounded off. No more carer commitments. Time to not take on any more commissions until the backlog is cleared to manageability. Time for non-working hours to be me hours. I mean, I have a backlog of models to build, I haven't read a book for pleasure in about four months (and this is most unlike the usual me!). So, time to get me back, and not sacrifice myself to pursuers. Things will happen when they happen.
11th-May-2015 03:21 pm - Music Monday

Music Monday, and this goes well with the SCA, as well as my general tendencies...
8th-May-2015 10:04 am - A Tory majority?
fuck it
Here in our constituency, the numbers ended up being Tory 48, Labour 34, UKIP 11, and LDs 5, (from a previous 43, 37,10 and 7 respectively) so apparently I totally wasted my vote after all.

Like I always say, next time I won’t fucking bother. And then I do...
7th-May-2015 10:34 pm - Yes I voted
For those wondering which way I voted, and why, I don't mind saying. Despite my immense disappointment at them letting things slide, Lib Dem.

Why? First, I dislike the Tories and Labour equally - and for a lot of similar reasons, actually. (No rational foreign policy, snooper's charters, invasions of privacy, and the general new caste of bankers' friends going straight into government from Uni without life/work experience in the real world first.) - Vote Cameron, get Osborne and IDS. Vote Miliband, get Balls and Harman. None of those options appeal. Obviously voting UKIP is out of the question, so that left (in this constituency) Lib Dem or Green.

That made it a numbers game. We're in a roughly tied seat - 43% Tory, 37% Labour, neither of whom I'd vote for - with UKIP on 10%, LDs on 7% and Greens on 3%. If, as was always likely, it's going to be hung parliament, that means I want to avoid the risk of a nightmare anybody/UKIP coalition. That means a vote for the Greens will be wasted, but a Lib Dem vote, in this constituency at least, *might* help in some tiny way to keep the LDs level with UKIP, and deny UKIP the chance to be coalition power-brokers.

So, tactical anti-UKIP vote for the LDs it is... Not that I expect it to make a difference, given how slaughtered the LDs will get
6th-May-2015 04:27 pm - Tomorrow is election day in the UK
Ah, it’s that time when like so many of the celebs that people follow, I come on an encourage people to vote. Unlike the celebs, though, I never tell you *who* to vote for. Not least cos I’m convinced that none of them are fit or competent for the purpose. (And this time around, all of them are determined to criminalise bits of sexuality, endanger more women and kids, and censor the internet, because *all* would rather go with tabloid campaigns than scientific fact.)

Anyway, my advice, therefore, is very simple- don’t vote for a party or candidate because a celeb tells you it’s cool, or because a tabloid warns you of the consequences, or (especially) because of peer pressure or family tradition. Fuck that shit. Go and vote for who you think will do the best - or least-worst,anyway - job of it.

That’s the point of the exercise. Vote for who you like best or hate least, regardless of what anybody else says. Your vote is your vote, not your family’s, or your favourite star’s, or anyone else’s.
22nd-Mar-2015 03:14 pm - Soul Of A Man
I'm not religious, and don't generally don't go for religious type songs - but I heard this on the trailer for the History Channel's "The Bible" series a few weeks back, and had to track it down. Fantastic spooky song- and Lesley and I are immediately plotting a Riario-themed Da Vinci's Demons fanvid to it, to keep us going during the wait for season 3....

by me
So, yeah, 2016 is the 95th anniversary of the first Three Musketeers movie, and the 35th anniversary of Dogtanian, (and there's a third season of that BBC show) and so, to mark this, Candy Jar​ will be bringing out a book about Dumas's Three Musketeers, covering the novels, the different adaptations, and the historical reality behind the familiar legend, written by myself and sweetheartwhale... Title is still to be confirmed, but we have a year to write it...

Now to debate whether we should include the porno version with Ron Jeremy et al...
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