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Oh, today I read JLA- The Hypothetical Woman, by Gail Simone and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Pretty good trade paperback of the 6-issue mini. Really loved the handling of Bats, J'onn, and especially Wonder Woman. Great that it's the John Stewart GL in this too, as he's my favourite GL. I was left a bit puzzled to who and what the eponymous Sybil actually was, though - not sure if that was something introduced or explained in previous stories.
15th-Dec-2014 11:21 am - 2014 book log #25 - Pagan Babies
Read Elmore Leonard's Pagan Babies - about a guy returning from Africa who gets mixed up in a girl's revenge scam against her mob ex - which is a more recent one of his, and not bad, but it kind of petered out in a way I don't really expect from him. It was OK, though.

Not sure what's next - I did start the first few pages of a Buffy book, Night Of The Living Rerun, but it's so not doing it for me. I'll have to pick something else. Apart from the annual zip through A Christmas Carol, obviously.
9th-Dec-2014 05:43 pm - The Schizoid Earth
by me
So, for those wondering what to expect from The Schizoid Earth, which sees Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart of the Scots Guards "trapped in a past that never happened," as the tagline puts it... You can expect it to be mostly set in 1959, you can expect to see the TV characters of Edward and Anne Travers, and with guest stars including Jeremy Brett, Andrew Keir, and Edward Woodward. The tone will be in the mood of Danger Man, The Prisoner, Adam Adamant, original Mission Impossible... That kind of thing. Hopefully you'll be imagining a John Barry score...
by me
Well, then... A certain Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is heading back to the front, and I'm writing the third book of this set of four, called The Schizoid Earth...
27th-Nov-2014 11:12 pm - 2014 booklog #24 - Autonomy
Latest recreational read (i.e. not for working reasons) was Autonomy by Daniel Blythe - a nice spot of Dr Who fun for the anniversary. Not sure what to go for next...
18th-Nov-2014 01:04 pm - 2014 book log #23
Read Jeremy Dyson's The Haunted Book- a lovely pastiche of *several* types of ghost story collection, which is a fantastic read for those of us who are fans of both the nonfiction travelogue of haunted places type of book, and different eras of fictional anthology.

It also takes a somewhat meta tone, but this is less successful, as the very end meta part just somewhat jumps the shark, changing genre, and actually strangely holds back from going ahead with what it first starts to imply. It also, unfortunately comes over as frankly intrusive, with a bit too much of a blatant message.

Still, apart from that, it's great - the Tetherdown Lock story, and the two 1907-era stories are by far and away the best, and in fact would make great TV adaptations.
5th-Nov-2014 03:15 pm - Master Music
Since they've kept the same musical theme for the Cybermen, I sincerely hope we'll hear some of this on Saturday... (And I'm pretty sure they did actually use a bit of that wobbling sounding melody, without the four-knocks, in Dark Water...)

Or, indeed, this version:

4th-Nov-2014 07:23 pm - 31 Days of Halloween #30-31
Forgot to paste this across from FB and Tumblr the other day.

Day 30 – A Halloween foodstuff/cocktail/recipe

OK, pumpkin soup is a nice winter warmer. Use a pound or so chopped pumpkin, three small potatoes or sweet potatoes, a couple of mid-sized carrots, a red pepper, some red onion. All of these should be chopped up, then reduced further in a blender.

Chuck them all into a stock pot with a couple of chicken stock cubes, a cup of lentils and a cup of yellow split peas. season with sea salt, black pepper, garlic granules, paprika, a hint of nutmeg and some turmeric and ground coriander. Finally, a dash of worcester sauce.

Boil it up, simmer for a hour, and throw in some cream when you turn it off. Job done. Fiddle with the amounts for personal preference in taste and texture.

Day 31 – Are you guising/cosplaying/dressing-up, and if so, as who/what?

Not on Halloween but I am going to a halloween party on Sunday, so may do the War Doctor again…
4th-Nov-2014 07:15 pm - Society For Creative Anachronism
Meant to mention that, through no fault of my own, I've ended up as a paid-up member of the SCA...
30th-Oct-2014 06:54 am - 31 Days of Halloween #29

Day 29 - Favourite zombie movie.

Yeah... I probably *should* say Dawn Of The Dead, but I did use that in a previous day's answer, and I see it as more a proper standalone horror epic. But this is so much part of my teenage years I have to go with it, because it's got the mix of everything that a zombie movie is, and it invented the whole "brains" thing. And Linnea Quigley, obviously.

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